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He seldom performs any acts of kindness and he routinely insults even his closest friends, with his comments reaching a more severe level than the insults the rest of the group frequently exchange. His most prominent feature is in the last episode of the first series, where he has a deep conversation with Jay, although the latter throws this away when provoked by Samantha. Terry runs a building plant hire yard and enjoys caravan holidays. D'Amato doesn't respond, but gives the boys a disapproving look. Angry at his daffodils being destroyed by the four boys, he arrives at Will's house the next day to try and punish them, but instead informs Will's mother; who has just arrived home from her weekend break to the Cotswolds. In Will's Dilemma, Will brings her up, but Jay does not want anything to do with her, hinting he still hadn't gotten over her yet. She is caring and supportive to him, but her efforts to help are often met by embarrassment and surliness from Simon. Upon meeting Will, she asks him to go outside to have sex with her (this being after they have already kissed but Will, who is reluctant, suggests they should get to know each other a bit more first. John Kennedy edit Played by Waen Shepherd John Tom "Paedo" Kennedy is a Geography teacher at Rudge Park.

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Now, with the growing acceptance of pornography into the mainstream, they are going on the talk show circuits, appearing on network news, publishing best seller biographies and working their way into the idol status that once only traditional actors and sports players held. Will aspires to have a career in law or maybe the media, and was supposed to be attending a local newspaper office for work experience. A few years older than she is and so not at the school, he is a rugby player who neglects her for his teammates at times. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. The pornographic industry has become a colossal, worldwide business empire. In a bid to get out of having sex with her, he begins to childishly slide along the wooden floor on his socks. She is caring and supportive to him, but her efforts to help are often met by embarrassment and surliness from Simon. Whilst drunk at the school disco, Neil attempts to kiss her, but gets an erection and is then escorted outside. Neil's middle name is revealed to be Lindsay in a deleted scene from series 3, at his 18th birthday party. Will is the only character out of the four to never pass his driving test; this is in large part due to the fact his mother did not sign him up for driving lessons on his 17th birthday as she thought the minimum age was. Rachel edit Played by Lily Lovett Rachel is Carli's best friend who strongly dislikes Simon over his obsession with Carli. He manages to keep this up even when vomiting profusely due to a hang-over on the car journey back from Warwick. Stage Name, real Name, cause of Death, year of Death. Angry Neighbour The Fat Old Shit" edit Played by Mark Roper 2010 The man whose front garden is frequently vandalised by Jay and Neil. He can actually be seen in the episode, if one looks behind Carli whilst she is talking to Simon, he can be seen in the background with a hairy back, technically making him a 'one off' character. Will's Mum asks her to pop by to check if everything is okay during Series 3 episode 5 when Will is home alone for the weekend. Neil also admits to kissing her shortly after she had 'broken it off' with Will and hints that he had also fingered her.

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